I started this YouTube channel to help educate artists: rappers, singers, producers, DJs, songwriters, etc.  I’ve noticed over the years that as we’ve gained access to more information via the internet, it has given rise to people offering advice (especially for a fee) but who have no real experience and no knowledge.  Due to the proliferation of BAD advice and just wrong advice about the music business, I decided to offer my insight and experience to artists and industry folks for free!

This is all 100% my opinion based on my experience in the music business since 1994.  It is my hope that you use this knowledge NOT as final fact, but that it inspires you to go do more research about each topic the way that I have in my career.

Check out my Blog for more information (Industry Report) and read everything you can about the music industry.  Soon, you too will be able to spot the bullshit with your own eyes.

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Lastly, shout out to Jordan Tower who was kind enough to help me set up and start my YouTube channel.  Relationships are everything in this business.  Click HERE to visit my YouTube channel.  Make sure you subscribe so you know when I’m going live.